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Willing to accelerate your career?

Mental fitness Leadership Coach, I help Managers:

- to get their target job within 6 months,

- experience less stress, restlessness and anxiety

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How you could benefit from my coaching:


Certified Mental Fitness Coach by Positive Intelligence and ACC by the International Coaching Federation, I help Managers to get their target job within 6 months, and experiencing less stress, restlessness and anxiety.



You run a 6 weeks program in partnership with to develop your 3 core Mental Fitness muscles. I support the learning with breakthrough coaching.

I coach you in the language of your choice (English, French or German)



Dec. 5th 2016, I had accomplished my dream, standing on the top of the Eiger North face, a mountaineering route rated extremely difficult in Switzerland. 

One year later, I was  hit by a 60kg falling rock and fell 30m below.  My friends thought I must have surely died, but I miraculously survived, although lost the use of my right arm and have still pains. 

The Mental Fitness program that I propose to my clients played a major role in my recovery.  


Indeed, during the first years after the accident, the chronic pain triggered a brain rewiring towards negativity.

During the last years, despite the pain, with my Mental fitness program, I  rewired my brain  towards positivity and feel much better.

With my experience, I inspire my clients about their own ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset rather than a negative one.

For 18 years, I have led and curated high performing teams in Supply Chain at Nestlé.  For over a decade, I have coached collaborators and team members.



"The professionalism of Julien is outstanding! and the mental fitness program proposed is a revolution to address in a smooth way self-sabotaging habits and train our brain. Thank you Julien for this mentoring!"🙏🏻🤩

"The best training I have ever done during my 25 years corporate career" 🤩


If you are willing to:
❇️ get your target job within 6 months, 
❇️ reduce your stress, restlessness, and anxiety massively within 6 weeks, 
❇️ commiting 4 hours per week during 6 weeks (4% of your time), 
I would love to help you! 😀



What is Mental Fitness?

The mental fitness is the capacity to respond to life’s challenges with positive rather than negative mindset.

Developing it will enable you to:

  • become an inspiring leader, transmitting your positive mindset to your team, peers and hierachy

  • reduce your stress

  • reduce your anxiety

  • develop healthy and fruitful relationships within your organization

The research of Shirzad Chamine involved 500,000 participants from 50 countries. The results are summarized in the New York Times best-selling book, Positive Intelligence, translated into 20 languages. 

Only 3 core muscles are at the root of mental fitness:

  • Saboteur Interceptor

  • Sage (the best version of you)

  • Self-Command

I propose you a 6 weeks powerful and transformative program in partnership with Shirzad Chamine to develop your mental fitness muscles. 

You will learn how to intercept your saboteurs, develop your Sage and your self-command.

Along the way, I will support your development with breakthrough coaching.

10 saboteurs 5 Sage powers.JPG
10 Saboteurs.JPG

What my clients say

L'homme à son bureau

David R. Finance Director

I I have just finished the six-week intensive coaching program cared by Julien using the Positive Intelligence methodology. It is like getting a pair of glasses after years of being affected by myopia! I saw totally new perspectives and got access to full new understandings of myself and others.

Julien shared with humility his experiences and insights at the right moment, with the right way to keep me on track and make me enjoy every steps of this journey. Thank you so much Julien!

Femme affaires, à, ordinateur portable

Helene M. Quality Manager

This is an excellent focus of  6 weeks on internal mechanisms that self sabotage you every single day and spoil your energy... You learn day by day how to turn into gifts and opportunities every single situation and as a result... You bloom day after day. Julien was guiding me step by step through the program, always there in the back to reframe when necessary, with a lot of kindness and listening. Great thanks Julien!

Homme en costume

Isabelle C. Leadership & Team effectiveness  Manager

The mental fitness program delivered by Julien, in partnership with Positive Intelligence, helped me intercept my Saboteurs in tough situations. It resulted in faster recovery from negative emotions and more energy. Julien is a passionate and caring coach, I highly recommend

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