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Arrogant? Aloof? Me? 😕

I got the feedback that in case of conflict, I appear sometimes arrogant.😞

I understood recently why. I have the saboteur hyper-rational.

It's this inner voice that tells me: "don't consider the emotions of the other, it's only a distraction from what really matters: the facts". It pushes me in a problem-solver behaviour.

In case of a stressful conflict, this saboteur is particularly destructive. The other feels not considered and not understood.😓

There is a feeling of frustration, helplessness, of misunderstanding the other.

Developing my mental fitness, I could develop my empathy towards myself and others🤩. I still get hijacked by the hyper-rational, but I identify it much faster and understand much better people around me!😀

Do you have the hyper-rational saboteur❓

Check in the comments section the 5 minutes assessment link and share a comment!

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