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Feeling bored?

During my 18 years corporate career, I have had 7 different positions. In each one, after a while, I have faced the same challenge: boredom.

There has been always an exciting phase at the beginning, between 6 months and 2 years. I was learning a lot, discovering a new job, new people, a new business, new language🤩🚀.

That was fun… until it wasn't anymore: I was bored😬.

I expanded regularly the scope of my position, regaining motivation temporarily. But the boredom always came back after a while😒.

This boredom is caused by the Restless saboteur.

Staying in these feeling of boredom was not helping me.

I couldn't access my curiosity, my creativity. I couldn't act clear-headed with the right priorities☹️.

I was stuck in the same pattern time and again. I could see the pattern but couldn't break the cycle😬.

How do you feel these days❓

I am curious to know if you feel the same (I would appreciate if I am not alone😅).

Developping your Mental Fitness will enable you to break this cycle.

I'd be happy to get to know you soon and share more😀.

Reach out now!

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