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It was a question from a recruiter. 👨‍💼

I said: "I know my priorities, I don't make a list. I have them always on my mind".😎

I realize now that under a challenging situation, my Restless Saboteur is taking the driving seat in my brain!

Everything becomes urgent. I need to rush all my activities, tackling as many emails as possible, answering WhatsApp messages of many different groups.🏃‍♂️😬😵

It feels like I was in a jungle, cutting branches to create a path, fighting continuously.

In that case, the nice priorities ranking that I should have kept in the back of my mind, is long gone!

The best way to get clarity on the priorities, and to save time, is to stop the fight for a minute!

I pay attention to my physical sensations for a minute. I choose either the sense of touch, the smell, the sight, the hearing.

This activates my Middle Prefrontal Cortex and parts of the right brain. I get centred and get the clarity that I need.

If you tell to yourself: “I have no time for that”, you guessed it, this voice doesn’t serve you, it’s your Restless saboteur.

How often do you feel like you are in a junggle❓ 🐍🌴🏃‍♂️

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