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"I CAN'T EVEN GO TO THE BATHROOM BETWEEN MY MEETINGS!"😰 tell my clients regularly.

They have Teams/Zoom meetings back to back during 3 to 4 hours every day.

I love to ask them the following questions:

❇️ "what are you telling to yourself when you jump from one meeting to the other?"

❇️ does it help you?

❇️ "who could authorise you to take a 2 minutes break?"

➡️ They tell themselves that they are not authorized to take these breaks.

➡️ It doesn't help them.

➡️ You guessed it, it's only them who could authorize themselves to take these breaks.

They could say to their colleagues or clients: "sorry, I need a 2 minutes break". Even clients need and deserve technical breaks! ☺️

But they have this internal voices telling them: "you don't have time", "this is not the priority, things have to be done", "it's my responsibility to be here".

Do you have the same internal voices?

They aren't helpful. That's why I call them Saboteurs.

How motivated are you to overcome these saboteurs voices?

If you are motivated, you may contact me to discover more! 🙂

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