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I have a rage to win. Do you❓

I have the Hyper-achiever saboteur. I have named it "Mr Shark". 🦈😂

He is always hungry for success and is never satiated: the success is almost not celebrated at all and another target is set right after it.

It is a race from success to success, from mountain top to mountain top⛰️.

The problem of this race is that it is a blind one👨‍🦯. From time to time, I realize that I am not on the right mountain!😨🤔😢

To check that, I question myself: "in 10 years, looking back, what would appear important in this situation❓"

How do you know that you are on the right mountain❓

How do you know that you're pursuing the right target❓

PS: the picture is on the summit of the Eiger, Switzerland (North face in December 2016)

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