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I have the Avoider saboteur! 😬

I told that to my wife as I had this "aha moment". She said: "sure. You didn't know that?"🤷‍♀️

No. I hadn't realised that. 😵

My Avoider Saboteur pushes me to avoid conflicts with her. I don't want to hurt her feelings. Under the influence of the Avoider, I tend to go in a passive-aggressive mode if a conflict arises 🤔.

Our saboteurs are sneaky. It takes a bit of practice to recognize that a specific mindset sabotages our performance, our well-being and our relationships.

Check the Saboteur assessment to identify your saboteurs within 5 minutes:

Doing so, you develop the 1rst muscle of Mental Fitness: the Saboteur Interceptor.

Have fun with it! 😀

Please share some insights you got with this assessment🙏🏻

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