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"I SEE NOW MY SABOTEURS EVERYWHERE!"😨😱 is what nearly all my clients say after 2 weeks in my 6 wee

I was like them. I was very confident about which internal voices were helping me.

I see now that a lot of them are Saboteurs in disguise! They are sneaky!😵

My Hyper-achiever tells me: "you have to be best, efficient, focused on action!" 🚀💪

My Restless tells me: "this isn't fulfilling, the next activity has to be more exciting!" 🤔

My Hyper-rational 🤖 tells me: "To take a good decision, focus on the rational elements"

They aren't friendly. They are lying! 😬

They are 100% detrimental to my performance, to my well-being and to my relationships.

How do you know that a thought helps you❓

I am curious to read your insights. 🙏

Here is the link to a 5-minutes assessment to identify your saboteurs:

I wish you a nice and helpful discovery. 😀

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