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"WHAT IS YOUR DREAM?" asked me my coach

I told him that I was happy with my current life and that I didn't have crazy dreams. 🤷‍♂️

After a while, I realized that in fact, I was suppressing my dreams.

I was afraid to fail.

I was thinking:" What is the point to have dreams if I may be disappointed with a failure?"

On top of that, if I disclose them and fail, someone may judge me and think that I am a loser". 🤔

I realized that this self-protection strategy doesn't help me to achieve ambitious targets. 😵

Suppressing my dreams is only holding me back.

Even if they seem far from easy to achieve, I assume now my dreams. I have a compelling and motivating vision of my goals.

What is your dream❓ How much do you suppress it❓

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