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What kind of impulses do you have❓

I often have the impulse to jump on my phone to check the news, check my emails, look at my social media feed 😬.

I have also often the urge to achieve tasks, sitting on my desk long hours, not taking any breaks 😬.

These impulses are linked to my stress or/and anxiety level 😔 .

These negative feelings mirror few of my saboteurs: the Hyper-Achiever, the Restless and the Hyper-Rational.

Digging deeper, I see that there is a motivation for safety and acceptance.

The saboteurs are survival mechanism that were developed during childhood.

They are a failing soothing strategy: after having followed my impulses, I feel worse than before.

What kind of impulses do you have❓

What are your emotions linked to these impulses❓

What is your motivation behind these impulses❓

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