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"YOU ARE A WARRIOR!" kept repeating me my mountain guide.

I was laying in the snow, unconscious. A 60 kg rock had hit me and pushed me into the void 30 meters below.😱

He thought that I could not survive after such a shock. Until the helicopter came, he kept repeating this to support me.

It was January 17th 2018.

He was right, I see myself and feel like a warrior. During the last 4 years, I kept pushing myself partly out of the pain medication and out of the disability.

I keep pushing myself to succeed in my job.

You may think that it's remarkable. 🙂

It is certainly remarkable, but you don't see the other side of the coin.

This other side of the coin is the Hyper-achiever saboteur. 😔

Behind a strong will to succeed, when facing a challenge, I am stressed with past or future potential failures. I am reluctant to admit failures or mistakes. It would threaten my identity.

When I am hijacked by my saboteur the Hyper-Achiever, I have a strong focus on my agenda.

It is detrimental to my performance, my well-being and my relationships.

Not nice, isn't it❓😝

Each saboteur transforms your greatest strength into your greatest weakness.

What is your greatest strength❓🚀

What is your greatest weakness❓

I am curious to know if you share this Hyper-achiever saboteur with me. If you do, put a smiley in the Comments section. I'll be happy to share more on that saboteur and how it stresses you.

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